Superior Protection with a Lifetime Roofing System

Choose the best roofing system, built with premium shingles and hand-nailed by expert craftsmen.

Cleveland Roofing Systems

When done improperly by poorly trained contractors, roof installation or replacement is a messy and disruptive process—and one that can not only leave you with future repairs but also costly property damage. To avoid these all-too-common pitfalls, don’t trust just anyone who claims to offer the best roofing in Cleveland; instead, work with a locally owned, BBB-accredited company with a proven commitment to exceptional products and supportive customer care in Northeast Ohio.

The Best Roofing System in Northeast Ohio for Your Home’s Protection

Northeast Ohio’s local team of expert contractors here at Spartan WeatherShield provide greater Cleveland roofing systems that exceed the industry standard on every single measure—durability, weather resistance, installation method, and warranty coverage. From complete roof replacement to isolated damage mitigation, you can trust our local experts to create your greater Cleveland Lifetime Roofing System that is truly built for a lifetime.

How Spartan Roofing Compares to Other Greater Cleveland Roofing Systems

Get the very best roofing Cleveland-area residents can buy, with Spartan roofing. Our local roofers’ commitment to an outstanding customer experience is evident right away, as we assign a dedicated project manager to lead every greater Cleveland roof replacement or repair project we take on. But we don’t just minimize the inconvenience of your roof replacement or installation—we guarantee the best roofing system in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio! Learn how our innovative lifetime roofing system stacks up to other greater Cleveland roofing systems:

  • Tear-Off: We protect your siding, and landscaping with tarps and shields, and we dump old roofing materials into a trailer that won’t crack your driveway during a roof repair or replacement project.
  • Decking: Most companies do only the bare minimum, replacing the most rotted spots and covering up other issues. We don’t! We replace and reinforce rafters, trusses, and decking to create the “solid nailable surface” that your warranty coverage requires.
  • Starter Shingles: Other companies use starter shingles only on the eaves, but we use them on both eaves and rakes to protect your home from wind-driven rain and ice – creating the best residential roofing system to protect your home against the harsh Northeast Ohio winter weather.
  • Pipe Boots and Flashings: Because most leaks happen in these areas, we pay extra attention to their durability and waterproofing. All soil pipes receive our proprietary 3-step lead flashing system, and all chimney flashings are custom-manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum (not the cheap rubber and glue of most companies). Our chimney flashes are also built into the brick, mechanically fastened with masonry nails, and sealed for good measure.
  • Ventilation: Most residential roofing systems have inadequate ventilation, as nail guns reduce the airflow and make vent covers susceptible to blow-off. We hand-nail our premium vent covers to ensure maximum airflow and lasting strength.
  • Shingling: Last but not least, we ensure the best possible shingle adherence by installing premium 50-year GAF Timberline shingles with 5 electro-galvanized nails each—far beyond the industry standard of generic shingles held in place by just 4 nails.

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By providing the best roofing products in Northeast Ohio and going the extra mile to install them properly, we at Spartan WeatherShield are able to build a true Lifetime Roofing System. Plus, we back every roof with several protective lifetime warranties!

To see for yourself why our system is the best residential roofing in the suburbs of Cleveland, give us a call today. If you’d like to start with a free consultation and cost estimate, submit our quick online form now!