About Spartan WeatherShield Exteriors

Spartan WeatherShield was founded in 2012 by brothers Joel and Jarod Arlia, who had been working in the exterior remodeling industry for over a decade. From this experience, they realized that most homeowners weren’t getting the high-quality results or exceptional customer experience they deserved. Instead, they were being charged too much to work with Cleveland roofers who cared only about speed and profitability—not long-term quality or customer care.

Rather than continue working with such disappointing remodeling companies, the Arlia brothers decided to do it better, building Spartan WeatherShield from the ground up with a focus on long-term quality and customer care. As a locally owned company, we treat customers with the respect and attention they deserve, and our Cleveland roofing and siding contractors are simply the best in the business. Whether you need a quick restoration of a damaged eave or a complete roof replacement, no job is too big or too small for our skilled team. Work with us just once, and you’ll see the Spartan WeatherShield difference right away!

What Makes Our Cleveland Roofers Different?

Spartan WeatherShield was built to improve upon the mediocre, profit-driven roofing and siding companies so common to our area. We do this in four main ways:

  • More Skilled Staff: Our craftsmen are hand-picked from the region’s very best Cleveland roofing and siding experts. Most are Amish or Mennonite, and they all work exclusively for us. We simply don’t use unqualified subcontractors or cheap labor!
  • More Meticulous Project Management: Every roofing and siding project we complete is guided by an experienced project manager. This individual not only keeps your project on schedule and under budget but also makes sure you have a pleasant experience while we work together.
  • More Complete Roofing Systems: Unlike other Cleveland roofers, we never take shortcuts! Our roofing system is the best on the market, and we go the extra mile to build a roof that lasts—with features like custom-fabricated flashings, electro-galvanized shingle nails, and premium starter shingles on both rakes and eaves.
  • Better Warranties: Our exterior systems exceed industry quality and warranty standards, and all of them come with lifetime warranties that really mean lifetime.

Learn More About Our Cleveland Roofing and Siding Today!

Spartan WeatherShield exists with one goal in mind: to protect what you love. To learn how we can protect your home with our high-quality, long-lasting exterior remodeling, give us a call today! You can also fill out our brief online form now to request your free, no-obligation Cleveland roofing and siding estimate.